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      Founded in Hangzhou, China in 2004, LianLian Group is a global Fintech company

      with the mission to“Connect Merchants of the World, Serve All around the Globe”.

      We are dedicated to providing payment and clearing services for individual and SME

      customers worldwide by leveraging international networks, compliance and

      risk management capabilities, and expertise in payment industry.

      Company Profile

      Over the last 16 years, we have built a portfolio of payment services businesses driven by deep customer insights and a highly disciplined compliance engine. Our nearly 60 payment licenses and certifications worldwide have helped us serve tens of thousands of online platforms across multiple industries including cross-border trade, eCommerce, retail, travel, logistics, education, real estate and automobile. We help merchants receive funds from 20+ world class eCommerce marketplaces, covering 100 countries and regions.


      Mobile Payment Ranking in China(2015-2018)


      Cumulative Transaction Volume


      1st Sino-foreign Bankcard Clearing Institution in China


      Brand Awareness in Cross-border Payment Industry


      Payment Licenses and Qualifications


      E-commerce Platforms

      1 Source: Paypedia-2018 China TOP10 Mobile Payment Ranking (Overall)
      2 Source: ebrun.com - Cross-border e-Commerce Financial Service Report 2020
      Digital Financial Services Ecosystem
      LianLian Group's core business includes global payment, bankcard clearing. With global compliance capability, our strategy is to continuously drive innovation for internationalization, and empower more industries to enter a new digital era.
      Payment Segment
      Clearing Segment

      Payments Solutions within China

      Including collections,


      account management, and acceptance

      LianLian Pay is licensed by the Peoples Bank of China, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission. These licenses allow LianLian Pay to provide third-party payments, cross-border RMB settlement, fund sales payment, and settlement.


      Payment solutions across the globe

      Including cross-border collections,

      foreign currency exchange, overseas payments,

      and international acquiring

      LianLian Global serves merchants with cross border payments and financing services; provides integrated payments services as-a-platform to marketplaces and other service providers serving merchants and freelancers; and uses data and proprietary compliance insight to determine suitability of potential partners, suppliers, and customers.

      Our Story


      • LianLian was founded in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province, inspired by the purpose of creating value through continuous innovation
      • LianLian launched “Air Top-up” service, marks a transition from cash to digital payments


      • Became market leader in mobile payment services, covering 1 million agents and 350 million customers


      • Established a strategic partnership with American Express to launch a payment and merchant services platform


      • Obtained the mobile and internet payment license from the PBOC and entered the third-party payments business


      • LianLian launched mobile payment service for merchants
      • LianLian became one of the first companies to enter cross-border eCommerce payment market


      • Launched innovative vertical-specific mobile payments solutions and rapidly became a leader in third-party mobile payments industry


      • Built strategic partnerships with global leading payment companies to empower Chinese merchants to go global through eCommerce


      • Began global expansion from locating the first overseas offices in Hong Kong and explored a new journey by embracing diversified culture
      • Moved to new headquarters in Hangzhou (Binjiang) High-tech Development Zone


      • Set up LianLian Fintech research institute by partnering with Zhejiang University to apply cutting-edge technology to payment services
      • Built LianLian International based in Hong Kong as a cross-border business hub with MSO license
      • Operated Thailand and Indonesia offices to enter Southeast Asia markets
      • Established LL Pay US and applied for payment licenses across 50 U.S. States


      • Continued global expansion into new markets such as UK, Ireland and Brazil


      • LianLian won the 1st prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award, being recognized for success in translating technical capabilities into innovative fintech services
      • Announced our commitment to “Connect merchants of the world, service all around the globe.”


      • Received approval from the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) for bankcard network clearing license