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      Creating a ripple effect that positively supports the industry

      Nurturing cross-border eCommerce ecosystem

      With the aim of helping cross-border eCommerce businesses get paid globally, we focus on accelerating the development of cross-border e-commerce by offering integrated cross-border eCommerce solutions including fund collection, global acquiring, financing, logistics, etc.

      Empowering SMEs to grow

      During the COVID-9 pandemic, we offered subsidies and run a range of charitable activities regarding cross-border fund collection, financing, logistics to support businesses to resume production. Through LianXin, a 7*24 service platform, we helped SMEs cope with challenges of paying salaries remotely.

      Improving industry standard through innovation

      We partner with Zhejiang University to develop financial risk management model, algorithm and system based on high-dimensional and heterogeneous electronic payment data, which was awarded first prize in Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award. Moreover, we work with banks to launch the "blockchain-based financing risk control product for cross-border e-commerce domestic merchants", successfully selected as the first batch of applications for Hangzhou financial technology innovation supervision pilot in 2020.

      Carrying out various public welfare activities

      Shoe Some Love

      Since 2016, LianLian has engaged in “Shoe Some Love” programs together with China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (CCAFC). With the aim of improving children’s education and health, we have made shoe donations to rural areas in China such as Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Yunnan, etc.

      Fraud Prevention Charitable Visit

      In 2019, LianLian Charity Foundation together with major payment institutions in Zhejiang Province, have visited "4 Schools, 8 Villages and 16 Communities" to promote fraud risk management skills to the public.

      On the Road to School

      In 2018, LianLian and CCAFC jointly visited with charitable fund “On the Road to School” to Wuding, Yunan province, where we distributed "Story Box" (the new voice device) to relieve loneliness of local left-behind children.

      LianLian Charity Foundation

      LianLian Charity Foundation is a non-public fundraising foundation established by LianLian Group. It was registered in Zhejiang Provincial Department of Civil Affairs in January 2019. We are committed to carrying out charitable activities offering medical help and education support to poverty-stricken children, the elderly, orphans, disabled children. We promote the development of public welfare by building a charity platform carrying out related activities and collaborating with other charity foundations.

      Volunteering in the community

      LianLian Charity Foundation supports a diverse range of employee-led initiatives. In 2019, our volunteers participated in charitable activities in Yanjin county, Zhaotong city, Yunan province, where 3,000 children’s books have been donated to three local schools to help rural children read their way to a better life.

      Founding member of The General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Charity Committee

      LianLian Group is a founding member of The General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Charity Committee.